Our Approach

We work with our clients to define the task and whilst doing so discuss the various RFID  technologies applicable to each facit of the task.


The Process

When considering implementing an RFID technology it is essential for both the client and us to understand the magnitude of the task.

Successful RFID adopters have not simply slapped a tag on to their assets and hoped that they gain benefits from introducing  RFID technology.

In conjunction with the client, we examine each business operation and make a decision on the applicable technology to employ. We then assist to client to prepare RFP documents for potential RFID providers. With the client we review the received proposals from the potential vendors, agree on a short list and arrange Proof of Concept trials.

We assist the client in making the final decision as to whom their business should be entrusted to and assist, if required, during the implementation stage.

We are RFID consultants. Livestock RFID and Industrial RFID in UHF and LF RFID technologies are two of our specialist topics. 

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